Al Hoffman

Owner / Master Technician

Arizona Retractable Screen Solutions is owned and operated by Al Hoffman. Al was his first introduced to Phantom Screens in 1994 while visiting a friend in Red Deer, Alberta. Amazed by the concept and the simple yet durable design, Al’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and he realized the great need this revolutionary product would satisfy in the homes of Arizona.

Al is equally passionate about the service he provides for each customer, before and after an installation. He does not “sell”, but instead consults through a process of education and informing to help each customer come to their own conclusion.  This honest and straightforward approach accounts for their over 70% referral and repeat customer rate.

Al is also a Certified Master Technician, meaning he's installed over 15,000 Phantom Screens to date!

Why don’t you let Al help with your Phantom Screen installation as well?

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